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A) GCP Professional Certification

  1. Minimum Standard of Competence
  2. System for provisional approval of Personnel Certification Bodies
  3. Certification process

B) GCP Training Institute Accreditation

  1. Criteria for provisional approval of GCP Training Institutions
  2. Assessment process for the provisional approval of Training Institutions

C) General Documents

  1. Rules for use of GCPPCS Certification Mark by approved Personnel Certification Bodies (PrCB) and Training Institutions (TI)

D) Forms and Formats

  1. Personnel Certification Body (PrCB) – Documentation Review cum Office Assessment Report.pdf
  2. Personnel Certification Body (PrCB) – Application Form for Provisional Approval.pdf
  3. Training Institution (TI) – Documentation Report cum Office Assessment Report.pdf
  4. Training Institution (TI) – Application Form for Provisional Approval.pdf