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Study Investigator Meeting held on 13th-15th April 2019 at Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa

DATE OF POST: December 28, 2022

Population Health Research Institute (PHRI, Canada) organized a global Investigators Meeting on 13th-15th April 2019 at Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa for Study titled – “INVestIgation of rheumatiC AF Treatment Using Vitamin K antagonists, rivaroxaban or aspirin Studies”. CDSA team members-Ms. Shubhra Bansal (Director-CPM), Mr.Tarun Puri (PM-CPM), Ms. Jinisha Shukla (CRA) and Investigator sites- AIIMS(Delhi), SMS(Jaipur), GB Pant (Delhi) , SGPGI(Lucknow) attended this global meeting including the participants from 24 countries. The meeting was focused of project annual updates, country status and way forward. CDSA contributed by provided “Safety Reporting” training to Indian Investigators and actively participated in study discussions along with Indian project National Leader-Dr. G. Karthikeyan. Dr. C.B Meena and Dr.G.Karthikeyan teams was awarded for their significant contribution from India.

Pic – L to R – Dr.Deepak Kumar, Ms.Neha Bansal, Mr. Amit Dogra, Mr. Tarun Puri, Dr. Gaurav Purohit, Ms.Jinisha Shukla, Ms. Shubhra Bansal, Dr.Shekhar Kunal, Dr.G.Karthikeyan, Dr. C.B Meena