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Dr. Vidushi Gupta is a physician scientist and working as Head Clinical Science in Clinical Developmental Service Agency (CDSA) at Translational health Sciences and Technology Institute(THSTI). Her research interests is to work on hypothesis driven studies that bridge the gap between clinical epidemiology and biology to understand complex childhood diseases with special focus on neurodevelopment that have public health importance with the ultimate aim to develop knowledge based interventions and public health tools.

She started with her research career as a senior research officer in multinational phase III trial looking at role of zinc given in early life and its effect on sepsis, and gained experience of planning and executing a randomized clinical trial, she has experience of working with India TB research Consortium, which is a flagship program for TB research at Indian Institute of Medical Research (ICMR) where she worked in four thematic areas of research on TB, Epidemiology &implementation Research; Diagnostics; Therapeutics; Vaccines, and was involved in planning and execution of large multicenter TB vaccine trial.

She has experience of large multisite cohorts and has successfully completed a WHO sponsored, multicounty, multisite cohort study for severity of COVID-19 in children.

She is also a part of the one of the largest pregnancy cohort Inter-Institutional Program for Maternal, Neonatal and Infant sciences: A translational approach- interdisciplinary Group for Advanced Research on BirtH outcome – DBT India Initiative (GARBH-Ini) and coordinating the second phase of this cohort (GARBH-Ini –II Birth Cohort) which is following up children born to pregnant females enrolled in phase-I with a hypothesis that growth and development from birth till two years of age will be associated with antenatal, perinatal and postnatal determinants.
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