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Certification of GCP Professionals

The CDSA-THSTI as the Scheme Owner defines the Minimum Standard of Competence and other requirements related for the certification of GCP professionals. CDSA-THSTI is responsible for developing and maintaining the certification scheme. It has accredited Personnel Certification Bodies (PrCB) for conducting the certification process.

The PrCBs determines the fulfillment of the requirements for the certification process including application and assessment of the GCP professionals seeking certification, decision on certification, recertification and use of certificates and logos/marks.

The candidates who successfully demonstrate their competence to apply their knowledge and skills to achieve intended results during the assessment process are issued the certificate under the provision of international standard for a period of 5 years. During this period of 5 years the certified GCP professionals are under the surveillance of the PrCBs and the Scheme Owner.
Please refer to GCPPCS Documents to access and download the documents related to the certification of GCP Professionals